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Laser treatments

Laser Treatments

Facial and Neck Treatments

Face Rejuvenation Facial       (90min  $2500) 

Laser treatment offers a less invasive but long-term way to address the issues of skin discoloration and pigmented lesions, pore refining, scar revisioning, skin resurfacing, or vascular lesions. The use of laser in aesthetic treatments offers high-precision and tissue-selective results, to achieve long-lasting improvement.  MORE INFORMATION


Neck Rejuvenation        (30min $880)

This treatment specifically addresses the skin issues of discoloration, scarring, pigmented or vascular lesions that your neck might have, enabling you to be confident in showing off your neckline.


Eye Rejuvenation (inc. eye essence & masque)   (30min $880)

This treatment specifically addresses the skin issues around your eye area to brighten up your face, and includes an eye essence and masque process to ensure the delicate skin around your eye area is nourished.



1.    Moisturizing and Brightening Deep Cleansing

2.    Shoulder and Neck Lymphatic Draining

3.    Anti-wrinkle Neck Rejuvenation Laser Treatment

4.    Smoothening Firming and Moisturizing Neck Mask

5.    Soothing Tightening and Hydrating Cream

Body Laser Treatments

Body Pigmentation Correction      (starting from $1500) 

Appropriate for those with discoloration on the body, whether from brown, age, sun, and liver spots, freckles, melisma, and hyperpigmentation. Target specific areas of your body in order to lighten darker areas and even out the skin tone. The number of treatments will depend on the size of the area.


Fotona's QX MAX system is the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market today. It has the power to remove all common pigmented lesions and a broad spectrum of tattoo colors, and additionally offers the ability to provide FRAC3® aesthetic treatments. The QX MAX is built for maximum performance with patented, state-of-the-art innovations to make treatments safer and more effective.

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