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UTIMS Ultrasonic Treatment in Medical System

UTIMS (Ultrasonic Treatment in Medial System), a therapeutic ultrasound medical system, is the leading brand of therapeutic ultrasound medical device developed and manufactured by KORUST. This advanced technology is non-invasive with no side effect and non-surgical with no incision. It aims at long lasting, powerful lifting and tightening effects that works from deep within the face so that it is efficient in eradicating wrinkle, enhancing contour, as well as firming skin.

Principle of how it works:

UTIMS delivers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to dermis, subcutaneous fat, and SMAS layer in 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm depth. By delivering uniform and fractional HIFU energy to the targets, formation of temperature over 65 degree Celsius produces the best thermal environment for collagen regeneration and causes tightening of sagging tissues and reduction in subcutaneous fat via formation of thermal coagulation. Therefore, it results in enhancing skin elasticity, improving skin firming, and achieving anti-wrinkle effect.


At this level of depth, HIFU targets the dermis (beneath the epidermis), to reduce pores, to improve wrinkles, improve skin tone, and to smooth and soften skin texture. 

3 mm

At this level of depth, HIFU targets the hyperdermis (the deeper subcutaneous tissue), made of fat and connective tissue.  At this level,  HIFU stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, causes a tightening or firming effect, and increases skin elasticity.


This level of depth reaches the SMAS (a muscular level), tightening the skin and muscle, causing deep improvements on the muscular level, enabling a contouring and lifting effect.  

​UTIMS cannot only achieve a lifting effect for your face, but can also help to lift and firm other areas of your body, including neck, arms, legs and thighs, the abdomen, or other areas.

A Full Body Experience

HIFU Treatments

Face Firming and Collagen Rejuvenation  90mins  
High Efficiency Slimming and Fat Reduction:
Tummy  120mins  
Calves    120mins
Arms      90mins
Thighs    90mins
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